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.com account is hacked, and out comes a whole series of suicide videos. All of these videos, however, take place in virtual spaces, allowing us to witness the unexpected--as a viewer of these videos, one does not know at any point whether the character that appears on the screen is real or not, or whether they will reach their destination. In Turkey, these virtual spaces have replaced the real world. Our initial research was done on behalf of the small television channel Yeni Akit TV. We conducted a study in 14 towns across Turkey to investigate how one can reach suicide via the Internet and how one can find the motives for suicide. Although we did not conduct a formal research on suicide, we did do an informal survey on the topic. Of those who did an informal survey, more than half were killed by the Internet. Among our study population, we did not find a single instance of suicide via the Internet. We conducted a study of suicidal videos on the Internet, and we conducted a study on social media related to suicide. In our study, we compared the average time spent on the Internet per day and the average time spent on social media per day and assessed the differences between Internet users and social media users. The difference was found to be statistically significant. It was also revealed that there was a tendency to increase the number of hours spent on social media in winter. 4. Why Is Suicide Via the Internet So Rare? {#sec4-ijerph-16-05103} =========================================== As already mentioned, suicide via the Internet is very rare in Turkey. In addition to this, suicide by Internet in a small town like Selcuk is practically non-existent. This means that suicide via the Internet has become a suicide in real life. In recent years, suicide by Internet has become a way for people who are suffering from depression, and those who do not know who to turn to. One of the researchers here mentioned that, among the people she has treated, half of them have a history of suicide. Therefore, it is not surprising that suicide by Internet is a way for suicide to occur. Although people do not think of using the Internet for suicide, they do use it for other purposes, such as searching for love or finding jobs. This poses an important question: is there a way to prevent suicide in real life from becoming suicide via the Internet? 5. Preventing Suicide in Real Life {#sec5-ijerph-16-05103}



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