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How to Get Feedback on the Dissertation Abstract and Why Are They Needed?

People who, after graduating from the university, went to work further in the scientific field know what doctoral works and various dissertations are. Such types of work must necessarily be defended in front of a delegation of people who already have a scientific degree. In order to successfully defend a dissertation or doctoral work, you need to get a review of the dissertation abstract.

Without this recall, there will be no defense. Such rules. The Higher Attestation Commission does not give any restrictions on the number of reviews, but the fact that this requirement must be met is for sure. In this article, we'll learn why it's important to have this review, why you need it, and how to get it.

Publicity of the dissertation before the defense

It should be understood that receiving feedback is a necessary fact for defending a dissertation. So, to speak, the collection of reviews is one of the traditions of dissertation defense. The main purpose of reviews of this kind is to make the defense public.

The abstract must be placed on an Internet resource associated with the Higher Attestation Commission. This abstract should be sent to various mails, for those people who should leave feedback on it. In some cases, the letter is sent not only to specific individuals, but also to institutions that may be interested in this dissertation defense procedure.

Placement in a news agency

It is worth remembering that letters of this kind must be sent at least one month before the start of the procedure for defending a scientific work. The central state news agency has an important role to play in getting feedback. 9 copies of the abstract should be sent to this structure. In the event that a dissertation is being defended, then documents should be sent two months before the start of the defense. In such a structure, there is a central library that will receive a scientific work and an abstract (2 copies).

Further in the article we will consider why you need to receive such reviews. As a result, the dissertator himself says the final word, thanks and everything else. This part is probably one of the most enjoyable in the entire dissertation defense procedure.

All reviews and the dissertation itself will need to be sent to the Ministry of Education - this is if the council gave its positive verdict. In addition, this package of documents should contain the notes of the supervisor or science consultant, reviews of opponents and the leading institution, as well as all other reviews that were published before the start of the defense.

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