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  • Just got my bat safe in today and I am a bit concerned because the top of the lid has gaps between it and the bottom of the lid.  Is this safe?
    Yes, we seal this joint and the joint between the lower box (top and bottom) with silicone adhesive during assembly to prevent leaks, The fit of the boxes is not relied on to prevent leakage of soot and fire. Perfectly Safe Tom
  • Can I reuse a bat safe after a fire?   Mike
    Yes, you can, every time I tested a Bat-Safe I used the same box over and over. There is no loss in protection. I have seen some melting of the wire way in a very bad fire. But only to the rubber pull tab. I figure if you ever have a fire in the Bat-Safe, spending another 60 on a new box would be the best buy you ever made!
  • I want to charge two batteries at once, Is this OK? Cathy"
    Yes, any number of cells is OK, as long as you stay below the capacity of the box. Tom
  • I have bought your bat safe rated for 2-6s 5000mha (222wh). my question is how many 2s 5000mha @37wh can I safely store in it. Thanks, Stewart"
    Its just number of packs times number of cells times voltage of each cell (3.7) times milliamp hours divided by a thousand as long as you're below 222wh then you're good for charging if you're just storing and your batteries are down, you can probably multiply by 50%. Tom
  • I recently purchased a Bat-Safe from one of your distributors and am extremely satisfied with the construction and ease of use. I love the set up for charging them!  I had my lipo's in a fire resistant bag before and used it for storage and charging.  My question is: I am still keeping the batteries (2) stored in the bag within the Bat-Safe.  I do not use the bag while charging.  Am I causing problems using the bag within the Bat-Safe for storage or is it an even safer way to store and travel with them?
    The lipo bags do not work with a battery over about 1000 mah. The chance of a fire while storing is quite low. So it’s not a big issue. The bags actually can make the problem worse. Focusing the exhaust in a jet. And do not have any soot protection. I hate the bags as they were a pain to use and really were worthless. That’s why I did the bat safe. Don’t use a bag in the bat safe it would be useless. Keep the bat safe super easy to use is the best thing you can do. That way you will use it every time. Tom
  • How many batteries can I charge and or store in my bat safe? Peter
    It has nothing to do with quantity and all to do with a total capacity. Take the number of packs X number of cells X voltage of each cell (3.7) as long as you are below 222 Wh you are fine on the standard bat safe. The other sizes have different specifications, they are 50Wh for the XS and 444Wh for the XL. Calculation formula is Volts x Amp hours, and add all the values that are inside the safe. (e.g. a 3S 2200mAh battery is (3 x 3.7V) 11.1V x 2.2Ah = 24.4Wh). This value is also usually printed on modern battteries as well. Remember the value is cumulative! We tested the regular size box many times to this capacity, actually much higher. Don’t pack in cells, it’s the swelling of the cells during a fire that can pry open the lid and cause the fire to escape. PS: The XL box was tested with 500 Wh (two 700 size packs).
  • I am worried about toxic fumes during a fire.  Does the bat safe filter toxic fumes? Nam
    No, we filter out soot and fire only. If you have a fire the smoke will dissipate with time. If you are home, get a window or two open asap and avoid the fumes. I have not tested the toxicity of the fumes from a battery fire coming from the Bat-Safe. During capacity testing, I always avoided the smoke, but could not help breathing small amounts in. I never felt any ill effects from this even in confined tests. Tom
  • I received my bat-safe today in the mail.   It had a PULSE logo instead of the BAT-SAFE logo, is this an original bat-safe or some copy? Chris"
    We make OEM custom print boxes, I have not seen a copy out yet. Tom
  • I’m using a 4 channels charger !!  Do I need a bat-safe for each channel or can I use 1 bat-safe for 2 channels  ??
    You could use one but it will be cluttered. If I would recommend 2. It will be a better set up. If it’s a very small pack, 4 would be fine. Its total capacity that matters, not quantity. Tom
  • Finally got my Bat-Safe set up in my shop.   Feel better about charging already!   I was disappointed to see some small dents and scratching on my box.   I guess the scratching is OK, will the dents affect performance?   Dave"
    Please remember this is a very inexpensive device for its performance characteristics and quantity of features. Shipping is our number one expense and we knew the sheet metal box had to be as thin as possible to prevent excess weight if we wanted to minimize costs. This candy tin technology works perfectly for this requirement. Unfortunately, minor dents and scratches are possible during manufacturing and shipping. The boxes safety will not be compromised by small imperfections. Please be understanding of this manufacturing flaw if it happened to be on your box. But by all means. If you feel your box is not safe. Send me a pic and I will evaluate it. Tom
  • How many wires can I put thru the wire way? Robin
    I have put two full charging set up myself (balance and charging wires). If you want more make a notch in the wire way to allow more room. I have gotten into a habit of just running one 6s balance lead into my box, I just plug in the appropriate cell count balance lead from the battery, seems to work fine. Small gaps in the wire way seal are ok, as they may leak soot, but will not leak fire. Tom
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