Can you

Can you rise like the sun every day and shine your brightest incessantly, without reason.
Can you rain on eternity and soak every parched particle without discriminating.
Can you blow pollen like the wind on remote barren land to spread life.
Can you offer yourself like the deep earth for excavation to build their life.
Tell me can you?

– Puja Kapoor


There’s never been a better day
Than the one you’re in.
There’s never been a better teacher
Than an innocent human sin.

You’ll never meet an honest man
As blunt as your father.
He’ll cut you into pieces
And then push you to try harder .

A mother is all you have
When the world walks away.
When you’ve lost all you thought you had,
She’s the only one who’ll stay.

They’ll never be a peaceful morning
Unless the night had ended well.
And just when you feel your falling,
You might just fly again.

Time is what will heal you
While it walks you to your grave.
Nobody will come to save you
Once death has dug it’s cave.

There are too many things we think we know
But less than handful are actually true.
And everyday we keep crawling
To unravel secrets new.

How I Met Her

When the night was bleeding stars
And the moon was out, bright
Like the heavens angels she ran,
….. Entering my sight.

I didn’t see it coming
But she had thought it through.
When the devil was strumming,
Perhaps that’s when I met you.
The poetess resides in my minds blue,
And every time she strides
I hear voices new.

I didn’t even notice
And she became a part of me
It’s so hard to focus
With these thoughts, it’s hard to see
They say things will be okay
And we all know it’s true ,
But they want us to be okay
With wounds as good as new

This is why I thank the poetess
For word vomit helps the ill
Rhyming couplets calm the nerves
Feelings fly off the windowsill.
That’s how I met the poetess
And now she won’t let go
That’s how I fell in love
With wounds that heal so slow.

Three Kisses and One touch 

We’ve been lost for a while now.
We’ve lost time somehow.
And just when I thought there was nothing to fear as such.
You made me realise it was all about the three kisses and one touch.

We push each other to the goal.
We bandage each others dismantling soul.
Little did I know, it wouldn’t mean much,
Without three kisses and one touch.

I always thought you were worth my while
The sound of your laugh always made me smile.
But when your arm wasn’t there to clutch,
It drove us mad…..
The three kisses and one touch.

We said nothing could break us down,
we made plans for after we left this town.
And it’s a shame, we lost the game
Were ready to fade each others name
For our eyes couldn’t meet as much
As demanded by those three kisses and one touch.

Once in a while

In broken homes,
Under empty domes,
Nobody says a word.
Under lonesome nights
In repetitive fights,
Love’s no longer heard.
In a world of color
My thoughts now holler
With tears a see through white.
Soundless noises I hear
They sound like her,
That past I now despise.
But that’s all gone
Things moved on
And I’m happy as can be.
But that doesn’t mean
I never fall back
To the sorrow of you and me.


Let’s all embrace 
The scars on our face,
the guilt in our soul,
And the side we don’t show.
The dreams that failed ,
Our very foolish ways.
The guilty affection
Our skills that lack perfection.
The little things we hate,
And the ones we’re too embarrassed to admit we love.

We live in a perfect world,
With silicon doll standards.
We ought to be alike
Or we aren’t doing it right.
Why is it so? We’ll never know
The holding back of expression
Because of the shackles,
And then there’s depression
That affects nobody but us.
But who cares,
As long as they like your dress of course!

As we fill our shopping bags,
With very heavy price tags.
We talk the talk people want to hear
And we push away everyone coming near.
We dont take the time to question why,
There’s nobody holding us each time we cry.
As you think I’ll tell you,
I took my time and questioned too.
“Maybe”, I thought to myself,
It’s the fear of cracking open the shell.
You know the one we keep ourself in.
For we don’t know if what’s on the inside
Will be liked by the ones we present it to.
And to that I say…. just be you.
I don’t think it’s said enough,
when it is, it doesn’t mean much.

Here I sit writing things ,
Poetry to suit everyone’s sins.
Every time a poet sinches his clothes.
He knows his shabbiness is what shows.
But his scattered expression never bothers him,
For he has faith in what he offers.
Nothing filtered, nothing coffered.
That’s the way to be I’d say.
To love yourself come what may.
Be true to yourself come what may.